South African Destinations

South Africa

At the tip of the African continent lies the beautiful country South Africa. The country is vastly characterized by amazing landscapes and offers diversity in cultures. It is the leading economy in Africa and is known to be the largest gold producer in the world.


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Cape Town

If you are looking for a nice place to get away from stressful months of working, Cape Town is the right place for you.


There are many exciting activities to engage in while in Durban. Among the things that make Durban attractive are tours, outdoor activities, shopping, spas and wellness, night life and day trips. In addition, tourists can visit parks and museums. You can enjoy your s


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Johannesburg which has been historically known as a city of gold, a city where dreams are made has a lot to offer when it comes to amusement and tourist attraction. We take a look of some of the must see places if you are visiting Johannesburg for the first time.

Port Elizabeth

The second largest city in South Africa in terms of geographical area, snuggled in beautiful Algoa Bay is Port Elizabeth. This jewel in the crown of the country’s glorious, green Eastern Cape province, a place of awe, adventure and amazement.