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Kulula Airlines also known as FlyKulula is one of South Africa’s low-cost airlines with the most entertaining flight crew. Kulula com brand is based on the country’s humour and is the first airline that offers low-cost service while under private ownership. The airline is a subsidiary of Comair which is a British Airways franchise.

Fly Kulula Flights

Kulula has both international and domestic flight routes. Some of its flight hubs include OR Tambo International, Lanseria Airport, King Shaka International, Port Elizabeth International and George airport. The airline also makes flights to Mauritius, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Kulula Flights Domestic

Flight Duration Flights per Day
Kulula Flights Johannesburg - Cape Town 2hr 10min 9+
Kulula Flights Johannesburg - Durban 1hr 10min 10+
Kulula Flights Johannesburg - East London 1hr 40min 1+
Kulula Flights Johannesburg - Port Elizabeth 1hr 5min 1+
Kulula Flights Johannesburg - George 1hr 25min 4+

Kulula Airline Partners

Kulula has made partnerships with other international airlines to improve customer experience. Some of these airlines include Kenya Airways, Etihad, Avios Partnership and British Airways.Kulula Airline Fleet

Kulula airline’s fleet composes of Boeing 737 airplanes which are 12 in total. They are all painted bright green.

FlyKulula Check In

Kulula check in opens 24 hours before the flight departs and closes 2 hours prior the departure. Kulula online check in can be done online at www.flykulula.com.

There are also self-service check-in options such as on one’s laptop or desktop, on mobile devices through the website Kulula.mobi and at self-service kiosks.

Kulula Flight Schedule

Kulula Airline’s flight schedule changes on a daily basis. Therefore it is important for passengers to view their flight schedule and destination at their website http://www.kulula.com/flights/routes-and-schedules/schedules

Frequent Flyer Program

Kulula com has a program for its regular clients that enables them to earn redeemable points. The points also come in terms of miles and are earned when customers book their flights on British Airways. The bookings are made on Kulula.com website. Other programs include ;AAdvantage, Marco Polo Club, Iberia Plus, LANPASS, Frequent Flyer, TopBonus, Finnair Plus, JAL Mileage Bank and S7 Priority.

Kulula Contact

Kulula has both domestic and international contact centers.

Domestic contacts are tel: 0861 585852 or 0860 435922

International contacts are tel: +27119210222, +27103440130, +27103440135

Kulula Customer Service: 0861 585852

Kulula Airline policy

Kulula com had a baggage policy that gives its clients the privilege of carrying a checked bag for free but its weight must not exceed 20kg. Passengers are also entitled to carrying a small bag the size of a laptop and a handbag that must not weigh more than 7kg.

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